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Tuesday, January 3

Fictional Musings FACTS

--This is a fiction site for readers/writers to enjoy and share short genre fiction. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to give their opinions, but we don't ask for critiques here. The reason I state this is because some people don't know how to give advice in a nice way, and some writers don't know how to accept helpful advice. So it's just better not to allow critiquing at all. Thanks.

--First time to Fictional Musings? Visit our fantastic archives.

--No Flaming Comments, please. Your post will be deleted. =)

--Fictional Musings is open to guest genre writers (both aspiring and published) who write Flash or Short Fiction.

Submission Details:

-If you would like to submit your fiction piece (700 words or less), paste the work within the body of an email and send--with "Fictional Musings" in the subject line--to Kelly Parra at Earthlink dot net, with your name, specified genre, and link to your blog/website (if possible). If by chance you don't have an on-line page, I'm happy to post a brief bio--3 to 4 lines in length--with your fiction piece. Or heck, send both, no biggie.

-Separate paragraphs by adding a blank line in between and do not use indents or hard returns.

-Submissions will be posted in the order they are received, usually 2-3 days apart in order for visitors to have time to read and enjoy each piece, or as long as a week in between if submissions are slow.

-Genre fiction accepted: Crime, Suspense, Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Humor, Young Adult, Literary, Mystery or just straight Flash.

-Fictional Musings does not accept fiction that is too explicit or too dark. Nor scenes that involve graphic details of death, gore, torture, or sexual encounters. Keep it light, folks.

-Works of fiction are copyrighted to the author.

-Submissions are not edited unless there is a glaring error, so please edit your work as best as possible.

-Writers who contribute are encouraged to respond to reader comments.

--If you've written for Fictional Musings, please consider contributing again. Let's keep this blog going with fresh content.

--Feel free to subscribe to Fictional Musings RSS feed:

That's all for now, thanks.