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Thursday, March 30

Doorway Flash by Jay Hinkelman

"Suite Nothings"
Doorway Flash Entry
by Jay Hinkelman

"We can't stay in this suite tonight. Where're the doors separating the rooms?"


"So when I get mad at you, I want to go into the other room and slam the door so you can whine 'I'm sorry' through it."

"Vacation is supposed to be Happy Time. Maybe tonight we can talk about our problems instead of fight."

"We've been dating six months, and you still think I care what you have to say?"

Jay Hinkelman lives near Indianapolis as a happy newlywed - honest! - and works as a math tutor and computer lab manager at the local community college.

8 reactions:

Kelly Parra said...

*laughs* Great, Jay! We know this could actually be a reality for some couples.

Bethany K. Warner said...

Yay for Jay!
LOVE the title.

Jay said...

Yeah, some days I can't resist a pun like that. :) Thanks to you both!

kalbzayn said...

Thanks for saying what we're all feeling....I mean nice story. I liked the twist at the end :)

jason evans said...

Wow. The relationship-censor must've been on break. You know, the one that keeps us out of trouble.

anne frasier said...

god, i love that last line.

Jeff said...

I agree with Anne. That last line is like . . .POW! hehe
Nice job. :)

Robin said...

That last line sealed the deal! Good job!