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Thursday, March 30

Doorway Flash by Mike Miller

Doorway Flash Entry
by Mike Miller

"Through the doorway, not around," she always said.

Today I walked around. After all, there aren't any walls there anyway so what difference does it make.

"Go back and walk through the door."

I drop my head and walk the loop.

"We agreed years ago that dad would build a house and I'd raise you right."

I rolled my eyes already knowing the ending.

"Your father might might not keep his word, but that's no excuse for us."

9 reactions:

Kelly Parra said...

Mike, just like your sub to Konrath's contest, there's something about your flash that always packs a emotional punch. =D

kalbzayn said...


Wow. I forgot about the Konrath contest already. You have one creepy steel trap kind of mind. Or maybe I'm really good and handling rejection by blocking it out.

kalbzayn said...


Nice job forgetting to send a title. And a bio.

Way to go.

Are we allowed to critique our own stuff or will this get deleted?

Kelly Parra said...

Mike, I am pretty obervant when it comes to fiction. =D

And you only send a bio if you don't have a blog or can post a title if you want, though, and I'll add it--no biggie.

jason evans said...

You know, I was wringing my brain for something really imaginative for "doorway." You've got it, my friend. Great idea!

kalbzayn said...

Thanks Kelly and Jason.

I think I'll leave a title off for this one. I don't want to end up ruining it with a stupid title. Too much pressure.

anne frasier said...


Jeff said...

I like it. :)

Robin said...

Good job, would like to see where this one could go...