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Thursday, March 30

Doorway Flash by Rob Bass

Doorway Flash Entry
by Rob Bass

My aunt has a book of photography coming out. It's nothing but doorways, from all across the world. Plazas in Italy, the ruins of Machu Piccu, a panoramic view of Washington from the Monument. I asked her what was so great about them, doorways, and she laughed and said, nothing really, they're just another way we impose order into this sea of chaos but she needed work and the advance was scandalous, so she figured what the hell.

Rob Bass is moving to Austin with his wife next week, where he plans to continue writing novels and shorts and comic book scripts as fast as he can, in between playing music and stalking Robert Rodriguez.

5 reactions:

Kelly Parra said...

*laughs* Good one, Rob!!

kalbzayn said...

I like how her explanation starts off all serious but then finally gets to the heart of the matter. Funny.

Good luck finding Rodriguez.

anne frasier said...


Jeff said...

I like it. :)

Robin said...

I love how the aunt doesn't take herself so seriously! Good job, and welcome to Austin!