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Friday, March 31

Doorway Flash by Steve Weissman

Doorway Flash Entry
by Steve Weissman

It was raining when the cab pulled up, and the parking lot was empty save for a couple of pigeons and a few bubble-gum wrappers blowing in the wind. A slender young man unfolded himself from the passenger seat and briefly studied the puddles, which reflected the silence like a broken smoked-glass mirror.

"Welcome to the big leagues," the rookie muttered as he sought the clubhouse door, and shouldering his bag, he pushed his way inside.

4 reactions:

Kelly Parra said...

Steve, one scene that said so much! =D

Jer said...

Wow, Steve, that was excellent. I'm so glad you decided to enter. (Steve's a pal of mine from writing listserv.)

zdaddyo said...

Nice, I like it!

Robin said...

I love the imagery, wow.