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Wednesday, March 29

Flash Flurry Contest: Doorway

Fictional Musings would like to have a Flash Flurry contest under one theme. Once a month, every 2 months? We'll see how successful it is and go from there. It's good practice and it's fun.

The theme is...doorway.

So you'll have three days to think up a 80 word or less flash and send it to me at Kellyparra at earthlink dot net with "Doorway Flash" in the subject header. Starting now, Wednesday, March 29th until Friday, March 31st, midnight (PST). Then I'll post the flashes until each are shared, and each piece will be archived on a FM Flash Flurry Doorway index page.

NOTE: Only send a short bio if you don't have a blog or website. Thanks!

Do you feel you need to win something to participate? Hmm, the most interesting winner will be spotlighted over in the right column for one month as the latest Flash Flurry winner, along with a link to your website, a little about you, and your mugshot. ;) Comment with any questions or input. This is something new for me too!

Check out my sample "Doorway" flash at Flashing in the Gutters, titled of course, Doorways. =D

Any genre--go with it, people, and have fun!

2 reactions:

anne frasier said...

cool idea kelly!!

Kelly Parra said...

Thanks, Anne!!

And I'm having a little trouble sending out webmail at the moment, so I just wanted everyone to know I'll start posting entries tomorrow!