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Monday, June 19

Shadows in the Night

"Shadows in the Night"
Flash Fiction
by Kelly Parra

The bedroom is dark. Outside the street is quiet. Not even a car passes by. I look at the glow of the digital clock. 1:33 AM.

I'm restless. I turn on my side, sliding my hand under my pillow. I try not to stare into the dark, but I can't help it. I know what is there.

The shadows.

One begins to form. Tiny specks of nothing blur before my eyes, shaping. I blink, but it won't stop forming.

My mouth goes dry. It's difficult to swallow. Before I know it, the shape is tall, human. My pulse flickers.

The dark form gestures towards me. I jackknife up on the bed, swing my hand towards my lamp. It crashes to the floor.


Tingles travel up from my neck to prickle against my face. The base of my gut is as tight as a fist. I stumble to the floor. The shadow is behind me.

It's coming.

I make it to the wall, and flick on the switch, slamming my back against the wall. My chest is heaving.

There's nothing. No shadows. But I know it's not gone. The shadow is just hidden within the light. If I stare in one place too long, I'll see it again. But the light is comforting, makes me feel a little calmer.

I slide down to the carpeted floor. The coolness behind me felt threw my cotton pajamas.

Each night the shadows come to my room. Surround me. Some say I can tell them to go away. But when they're here, I can't speak. I only taste the sour taste in the back of my throat.

A brush of pressure on my shoulder. I shiver and swipe a hand there.

Some say it's a gift. A feel the fear clawing at my scalp and stomach. To see the shadows I don't want to see. To be touched, even so slightly, when it makes my skin crawl.

No, it's not a gift. It's my living nightmare.

I sit for a long time, until my eyelids begin to close, and I feel my head wobble. I crawl to my bed, pull myself up and bury myself beneath the covers.

I fall asleep with the light above me keeping away the shadows for the last few hours of the night.

9 reactions:

Anonymous said...

great story. now, i won't be able to sleep tonight. you really put the reader there,

anne frasier said...

ooh, very nice paranormal, kelly.

kelly parra.

JESUS! *slap myself.*

PARA - normal? How in the hell have i missed that all this time???????

Kelly Parra said...

Thanks, Bill! I'm glad it was a little creepy!
lol, Anne! I don't know, but I didn't catch it, either. hehe. ;D I think because Parra is pronounced Par-ah instead of Pear-ah.

Prahagirl said...

Very chilling Kelly! I'm glad I read it in the nice early sunny hours of the day!

bornfool said...

Very spooky, Kelly. Makes me remember lying in bed as a child seeing monsters in the shadows.

sandra seamans said...

I like the dark and creepy feel of this story. You've set a wonderful mood and left us wondering the age and gender of the narrator. But it has the feeling of a longer story. Is this something you're going to expand? You've left us with the idea that it's not the shadows so much as someone hiding in the shadows that scares her.

Kelly Parra said...

Prahagirl, thanks! =D
BF, that's a cool comment. Thanks!
Hi Sandra, thanks! I haven't had thoughts of expanding on this one, but there's always the future. One of the reasons I started this blog was because I always had little bits of ideas, but not enough time to expand each story. Appreciate your thoughts!

sandra seamans said...

That's the beauty of flash, Kelly. You can get your ideas down, then if the muse strikes, you can expand the story.

Jeff said...

Nice and creepy, Kelly! Loved it. :)