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Monday, July 31


Flash Fiction
by Rod Drake

Lara couldn’t believe her eyes. It was the blue Honda Accord. Jeremy’s car. Parked in front of Nicole the psycho, his ex-girlfriend’s, apartment building. How could he?! Jeremy said he had to work tonight, and couldn’t see Lara as planned. And she had trusted him; Jeremy seemed so sweet, so genuine, not like most of the jerks she had dated over the last few months.

So Lara had decided to go to the video store and spend her Friday evening watching romantic films too perfect to be true, but were great fantasy, which her life needed. Taking a shortcut through this neighborhood, not her normal route, brought her here to discover Jeremy’s car.

Lara had had enough. She wasn’t going to stand for this or take it anymore. She pulled her car over and parked down the street. It was pretty dark since the moon was behind clouds and full oak trees blotted out the streetlights.

She rummaged around in her trunk, looking for something she could use. Nothing but car stuff. Then Lara found an old aluminum baseball bat, probably left from when she dated that self-absorbed jock. It would work.

She marched up to the blue Accord in righteous indignation. Lara glared at the apartment building, wishing she knew which apartment they were in. Doing God knows what. No, she told herself, she knew exactly what they were doing.

With that Lara bashed out one of the headlights. It exploded in a shower of glass. Here, have another, she thought, and smashed the other one into a million pieces.

I have to work tonight, she mimicked Jeremy to herself. Well, work on this, Lara thought and struck the hood a solid one, denting it deeply. She’d hammered the hood so hard that it hurt her shoulder. I have to get to the gym more often, she decided, stepping to the side of the Accord.

Have some free air conditioning, she wisecracked internally, and shattered the passenger’s window, knocking the mirror off. Once behind the car, Lara hit it over and over again, bludgeoning the trunk and destroying the backup lights.

A light came on in the apartment building. She hoped it was Nicole the psycho’s place. Time to go home now, Jeremy? Lara asked mentally. Wait till you see your ride.

She strolled back to the front of the car again, and with one might effort, crumpled the windshield, creating a spider web of cracks.

The moon emerged from the clouds, lighting the street with a pale glow. Lara stopped to catch her breath. Her shoulder really hurt now. As she leaned on the car’s fender, Lara noticed something in the moonlight. This Accord had an out-of-state license plate. Then she saw a Hello Kitty doll bobbing from the rear view mirror. This wasn’t Jeremy’s car.

Now visible from the moon’s illumination, Lara saw that the apartment building read 1302, not 1802. She ran to her car as a police siren wailed in the distance.

Rod Drake lives and writes in the neon city of Las Vegas, Nevada. He has had stories posted on Flash Flooding, Flash Forward, Flashing in the Gutters and AcmeShorts.

Monday, July 24


Flash Fiction
by Sandra Seamans

The handcuffs were biting into Billy's wrists, but he refused to show his discomfort.

"Ain't you coppers got nothin' better to do than nab a kid who ain't done nuthin'?"


"What? You think picking a couple of pockets makes me a big time collar?"

"A crime's a crime. It doesn't matter how petty it is."

The cop sighed, took Billy's elbow and led him towards the patrol car. Billy's partner separated himself from the shadows and crept toward them. Billy saw him first, saw the glint of a pistol when Joey passed under the street light.

Billy lowered his head, ripped free from the cop, and charged Joey, knocking him to the ground. The gun went off and Billy turned to see the cop falling to the sidewalk.

He ran over to him, kneeled down, and pressed his head to the cop's chest. There was a faint heartbeat. The man's eyes flickered open and he smiled up at Billy.

"You did good, son," he said.

"Please, don't die. I love you, Dad," whispered Billy.

Sandra's fiction has been published in Crime and Suspense, A Cruel World, and Flashing in the Gutters.

Friday, July 21

FM Bulletin: FM Status

Hello Everyone! I've received a few inquiries about the status of FM due to the lack of posts and I thought I'd let everyone know what's what. ;)

Yes, FM is always open to submissions if anyone cares to share with us!

I wish I had flash or short fiction to post--hint, hint, everybody! ;D--in order to share fresh content. However, everyone seems to be busy or subbing other places. Which I don't blame anyone, I've been busy too. =) After I clear a few things off my plate, I will be able to post more fiction as well.

FM is a great place to share our love of fiction with the visitors and the contributors who link to FM and keep returning. The camaraderie here is awesome and I appreciate very much those of you who are thoughtful enough to share stories and comment on the submissions.

FM may not be a booming success, but it's a friendly place and I love that. I hope you guys do too. =)

Thanks for your time,

Tuesday, July 4

Out of the Bag

"Out of the Bag"
Flash Fiction
by Stephen D. Rogers

You are going deeper and deeper into the cave, deeper than you have ever been before. You hear nothing other than my voice and you feel completely safe.

There is a small tunnel ahead. Squeeze through and come out on the other side. You are now in a previous life. Describe what you see.

"There is water. Suffocating. Burlap bag. Can't escape."

Go deeper.

"A car ride in darkness. The bag scratches."

Go deeper.

"A stranger is standing over my owner. He pulls out a gun and fires. I leap, scratch his face. Damn cat. I can't leave you here with my blood under your claws."

Stop right there. Carefully study the stranger. As I count to nine, you will ascend from the caves and return to the courtroom.

There, you will leap into the lap of the man who murdered your owner. You will purr and remember only happiness.

Over three hundred of Stephen's stories and poems have been selected to appear in more than a hundred publications. His website,, includes a list of new and upcoming titles as well as other timely information.

Happy 4th of July

To my Friends in the US:

Have a safe and fun holiday with your family and friends!

~ FM