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Monday, May 14

Grand Slam

"Grand Slam"
Short fiction - Literary
by Rod Drake

Terry “Big T” Barnes stepped to the plate quietly, powerfully swinging his bat while the New York Knights Stadium, filled to the rafters with normally loud New Yorkers, leaned forward as one, holding their breath, not uttering a sound.

It was the bottom of the ninth, two outs, two men on base, one run behind their cross-town rivals, the Brooklyn Kings, and “Big T,” star of the Knights, was at bat. The perfect situation for a hero.

But Terry had other things on his mind. Mainly his wife Iris. His cheating wife Iris. And Terry knew who she was sleeping with. Marty Gaines, the third baseman for the Brooklyn Kings. Just a quick subway trip apart, Marty and Iris could do the deed whenever the Knights were on the road and the Kings were playing at home. Seemed like a cozy deal, a safe affair, and it was until the doorman at Terry’s building put two and two together

Terry looked down the third base line and saw Marty pounding his glove and grinning at his dirty little secret. Of course, it wasn’t a secret anymore. When confronted, Iris fell apart and admitted everything. That happened yesterday. Today was the league playoff game, a New York contest, the Bronx versus Brooklyn.

Terry stepped out of the batter’s box and gestured with his bat to left field. A shout went up from the crowd, at least half of them. “Big T” was calling his shot; a home run to left field, just like the Babe had done a couple of decades ago.

The Brooklyn Kings readied themselves as Terry took his stance and the Kings’ pitcher went into his wind-up. The first pitch was low, a ball. The second, outside, another ball.

Marty moved closer to third base, watching for a pop up and keeping his eye on the runner there. He smacked his glove with force and continued smiling at Terry.

Terry fouled the next pitch, a low one, that went high and hard into the grandstands; the crowd oohed at the power of the hit, and ahhed at the foul call.

The following pitch was the one Terry wanted; clean, fast and down the center. He pulled it to the left and low with an incredible slam.

Like a bullet the baseball shot through the infield, smashing right into Marty’s groin. The two runners both came home in the confusion, and when the dust settled, Terry was standing on first, smiling as Marty was carried off the field on a stretcher.

The sportscasters said it was a freak accident, but great strategy on “Big T’s” part, fooling the Kings into thinking a home run was coming, and instead hitting it infield, driving the tying runs in, while he was safe at first.

Terry waved his cap at the crowd as the Knights and the stadium went crazy. The league championship was theirs. Hoisted up on his overjoyed teammates’ shoulders in bouncy triumph, Terry watched from the corner of his eye as Marty Gaines was lifted into an ambulance. It was a good day at the stadium.

Rod Drake is thinking about giving up writing and becoming lead singer for Satan’s Cell Phone. Then again, he writes better than he sings, so maybe he should stick to what he does best. Check out Rod's other stories published in Flashes of Speculation, Flash Flooding, Flash Forward, MicroHorror, Six Sentences and AcmeShorts.

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Kelly Parra said...

haha! Another entertaining story, Rod! Thanks!!