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Monday, August 20

The Monarch

"The Monarch"
Short Fiction - Suspense
by Heather Leet

She put her glasses on adjusted her suit and walked into the office building. To a casual observer she looked like every other young woman who was entering the busy office building on this Tuesday morning. In her dark suit and glasses she looked like your typical young executive who was climbing the ladder to the top hoping not to hit the glass ceiling. But if you were more then a casual observer, perhaps someone who also knew how to conceal your real identity, you might observe that the color of her hair was just a tad off, or that the glasses she wore were simple glass, or that the suit she wore covered the body of a skilled warrior. But these things were only apparent to another who worked in her same field and had employed similar tactics to conceal his identity. He got up from where he was sitting and adjusted his own suit and walked toward the building. Riding up in the elevator with his weapon concealed beneath the newspaper he held he regretted that it had been so easy to find out her every day identity. He had hoped that it would be harder to find her and still harder to kill her but it looked like this was going to be the easiest job he had ever had. He was very disappointed. He got off the elevator and headed toward the end of the hall where he knew her office was located. He smiled to himself as he looked around the luxurious office building. He could not believe that someone so skilled and adept would hide her secret identity behind the image of a frumpy accountant. What another disappointment. He expected something sexy not an accountant. He slowed as he got closer to her door. There was a sliver of a window running down the side of the door. He peered in and saw her sitting at her desk tapping away at the key board of her computer. This was too easy he thought as he twisted the knob of the office door and burst into the room. He barely felt the slight jolt as the bullet pierced his chest and blood bloomed on the front of his white shirt. She stood over him as he slide to the ground. “ Did you really think it would be that easy” she asked. “ I am really disappointed.” She said. “I was really looking forward to a challenge, and I am a little angry that I am now going to have to find a new identity to conceal my secret one, I really liked being an Accountant!” She went to her desk picked up her bag and walked back toward him. He felt hot and weak at the same time and he knew he would soon be dead. She kneeled down beside him and placed a monarch butterfly on his chest. Then she stepped over him and as she walked down the hallway he could hear the clicking of her heels on the hard wood floor, it was the last sound he would ever hear. When the police arrived to find his prone body the lead detective muttered, “I wonder what this guy did to piss off the Monarch?”

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Kelly Parra said...

Great one , Heather!