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Thursday, February 28

Welcome to Purgatory, Son

"Welcome to Purgatory, Son"
Flash Fiction
by Kelly Parra

Breaths gushed through his mouth. His heart battled against his ribs like a drum. "Shit," he hissed. A movement to his right caught his eye.

A man leaned his head through the passenger window. "You all right?"

"You see that shit? Fucker ran me off the road."

"Crazy shit. That's a big ass tree you ran into. You hurt, any?"

He looked down, ran his hands down his thighs. Relief cooled his head. "I'm good. Good."

"Let me help you out of there."

"Yeah, thanks."

The man walked around the back to the driver side door, tried the handle. Didn't budge. Yanked again, and the door creaked open.

He stepped out, mindful of the glass and blood.

Blood? "Shit." His head whipped to the driver's seat, and he stumbled back with a scream. "What the fuck?!"

The man scraped a hand across his jaw. "Yeah, hell of a way to go."

That was him. Leaning over the wheel, eyes wide. Blood spilling from his mouth. "Nah, man--I ain't dead. No way!" He looked around. People were all around him. Some yelling, crying. Running. "Where am I?"

"Welcome to Purgatory, son."

"I said, I ain't dead!"

"Yeah, figured you'd say that. This is where you all come who think they ain't dead." The man shook his head, slid his hands in his pockets as a woman walked by crying for her dog. "None of you are very smart."

4 reactions:

r2 said...

Woa. Neat story. Nice twist at the end.

"None of you are very smart." Great line.

Patricia J. Hale said...

Good one!

Subversive-Lisa said...

That story was kick ass!

Kelly Parra said...

Thanks, Everyone! It's always fun to write some flash! :) :)