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Monday, June 2

Release the Inner Wolf

Release the Inner Wolf
Short Fiction - Sci-fi/Fantasy
by Rod Drake

I never thought that I would become a werewolf, but one random event just led to another, and bam, there I was, the local wolf man of Chaney Falls, Massachusetts (don’t laugh at the town’s name, please, we all get the irony).

Of course, nothing ever goes like it’s supposed to for me, including this lycanthrope curse. Instead of turning into a wolf when the moon is full, which would only be two nights a month, for me the change occurs anytime after sundown when I hear a song mentioning the moon.

You know, like “Bad Moon Rising” by CCR. “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young. Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream.” The Doors’ “Moonlight Drive.” “Blue Moon” by the Marcels is a given, but the kicker is “Moon Madness” by the indie group, the Spirit of Evelyn Ankers (yeah, another funny coincidence; my life is ripe with ‘em). I never knew there were so many songs with the moon in them.

So I never know when the change is going to occur; could be I’ll hear a radio playing down the street, or a CD blasting in some teenager’s room, or an outdoor restaurant’s mood music. That, naturally, leads to embarrassing moments, and a few bloody ones, but the less said about that the better. No fatalities yet at least. And only fleeting, vague memories of my nights as a beast. At least no one knows it’s me.

Some articles have hit the local newspaper about a big animal from the nearby woods (so they think) on the loose, who injured a young couple out at Bellamy Point (interesting name, all things considered), a common make-out place, and another group of kids that were on a girl scout overnight camp-out plus some other hit-and-miss sightings. The eyewitness accounts weren’t very good or detailed, the panic of the attacks being too shocking to be remembered clearly. Thank heavens for that.

Eventually it had to happen. I’m sitting in the car with my long-time girlfriend, Haley Talbot (you can cut the irony in my life with a knife, probably a big silver one), who suddenly turned on the radio (I keep it off after sundown) and a moon song happening to be playing on KLCJ-FM. I think it was Nick Drake’s “Pink Moon.” Whatever, the song triggered the change. Before my consciousness fled, I opened my car door and ran into the woods as fast as I could, but I could hear Haley chasing after me, asking what was wrong.

The next hours were lost to me. Waking up on the bank of the Rains River (I know, but just let it pass) at dawn, I struggled to remember how I ended up here. And what I might have done. Fearing what I did to Haley.

But sometimes a curse can turn out to be a blessing. Haley was sitting next to me, smiling despite the faint traces of blood and mud on her face, and showing me the bite mark on her shoulder that was healing as we looked at it. Her shoulder was bare, as much of her was, since her blouse had been rather badly shredded.

“I think wolfie is lonely,” she said to me quietly, calmly, “instead of hungry. He wants a mate to run with him, so instead of killing me, he nipped me so I could be that girl werewolf.”

“Really?” I was stunned, but not unhappy.

“Yup. Next time you change, so will I, and we can have a great time together. And I have the distinct feeling that his animal aggression will be channeled into, well, you now, sexual energy, so that no one in Chaney Falls will be hurt anymore, or probably even know about our secret, erotic lives. After all, you have always been a bit of a wolf, with or without the fur.” Then she winked at me.

Now this is the way a horror story should end.

Rod Drake apologizes for all the “punny” references to Universal’s The Wolfman (1941) in this story. Check out Rod's longer stories posted in Six Sentences, Flashes of Speculation, Flash Forward, MicroHorror and AcmeShorts.

3 reactions:

Kelly Parra said...

Great on, Rod! Thanks!

r2 said...

Rod, this IS the way a horror story should end.

Based on your stories I've read, I think that as Lou Reed sang, "deep down inside you've got a rock'n'roll heart."

Keep rockin', my friend and I'll keep readin'.

dave hambidge said...

Just stumbled on this site and am slowly exploring the stash of goodies.

Much enjoyed this.

best for 2009