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Thursday, August 7

Crank caller

"Crank caller"
by Kate Kaminski

Drummer Dossett was really into crank calls. He loved that frisson when the voice on the other end tunneled, unsuspecting, into his phone ear, relishing the secret knowledge that he was, however momentarily, the answerer’s puppet master. More often than not, the juvenile nature of his jokes simply caused annoyance. When he began to try his hand at impersonating the famous – he did a creditable Johnny Carson and a truly stellar Jimmy Stewart – the most thrilling part was how long he could string his victims along before they figured it out, started yelling or hung up. When he grew bored playing other people and the calls became too predictable, he graduated to scamming geezers into sending him donations on behalf of Unicef and Make A Wish Foundation and eventually was able to take his first Caribbean vacation. Now Drummer spends his phone call time in the exercise yard, lifting weights and smoking Marlboros.

Kate Kaminski is an underground writer-filmmaker.

2 reactions:

Kelly Parra said...

Thanks for this one, Kate!

r2 said...

Nice, tight character study.