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Saturday, April 18

Dirty Knees

"Dirty Knees"
Short Fiction - Humor
by George Miller

Peter looked at his watch and smiled. ‘Only forty-five minutes ‘til show time!’ he thought happily. He was a man of simple means and simply pleasures, so being to meet up with the woman of his dreams was something that brought him unlimited pleasure.

He completed the last of his assigned tasks and hurried to the locker room. Chucking his work clothes in the locker as he walked on by, one of his co-workers asked him where the fire was.

“I gotta big date tonight.”
“With who?”
“Marilyn? You lucky dog.” As an afterthought, he added, “Good luck.” but Peter was already out the door and on his way home.

It took him about fifteen minutes to get home. ‘Only got thirty minutes to get ready and be at the special place,’ he thought excitedly. After taking a quick shower and putting some clean clothes on, Peter had only ten minutes to get to where he needed to be.

Sure enough, when he arrived there, Marilyn was already waiting for him. Dressed in a loose fitting tee-shirt, faded jeans and work boots, Marilyn was every yokel’s version of sweet heaven.

While Peter was parking the car, Marilyn put on her hoody and walked over to him. Tapping the back window to get his attention, she leaned in and purred, “Are you ready for me to blow you away?”

Peter pulled at his shirt collar and said, “Yes, ma’am.”
“Well then, get a move on young man. I haven’t got all day. You know where it is?
“Yes ma’am, I sure do."
"Okay then. I’ll meet you there in five,” she said while gently caressing his cheek.

When Peter got there, he saw that Marilyn had her hoody off and her hair in a ponytail. She took him by the hand and sat him on a nearby tree stump. She then removed her t-shirt, stretched her back and purred, “Ready?”
“Well then, let’s get it on.”
He watched her drop to her knees and get right to work. Within a minute, Peter had a warm tingly sensation come over him, as he watched Marilyn perform her magic.

“Oh my, that feels good!” he said while she was getting deeper into her work. “You have such soft hands it feels like an angel touching me.”
Marilyn came up for air and smiled.

Several minutes had passed as Peter sat there enjoying Marilyn’s handiwork. Suddenly he stiffened as the big moment finally arrived. She had definitely brought him to nirvana.
“Oh my God! That was the biggest one ever!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Here you go.” said Marilyn as she dropped a ginormous groundhog in his lap. “That’ll be thirty-five dollars please.”

Peter took a look at the groundhog and whistled. “Finally got rid of that bugger. Maybe now my azaleas and petunias will be able to grow in peace. There you go, it was worth every dollar.”
“Thanks,” said Marilyn as she put her tee-shirt back over her sports bra. “Remember to tell your friends about Cedar’s Landscaping Exterminators. We do the best work at the lowest possible prices.”
“I sure will, Ms. Marilyn, I sure will. Thanks again for all your hard work.”
“Anytime, young man, anytime.”

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