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Monday, May 25

Jurassic Leak

Jurassic Leak
Flash Fiction Humor
by Rod Drake

When I traveled forward through time, returning to my own present, things were . . . well, different somehow, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Of course now I only have four fingers. Eight if you count both hands. That doesn’t seem right.

I don’t remember having a tail either, although it’s rather nice swishing to and fro behind me. It is keeping the sparrow-sized flies away. Were there always gigantic palm trees and monstrous tropical ferns in downtown Chicago? And did Lake Michigan have a glacier as big as Wrigley Field (and where is the ballpark?) sitting in the middle of it . . . in the summer? Also, the sky is much pinker that I recall; I believe it used to be . . . blue?

I think I’m a little ‘jet-lagged’ from my recent 70-million-year time travel jaunt, but this definitely isn’t the place that I left just ten minutes ago. I was careful back there, of that I am very clear. I did not step on anything, no lizard, reptile, insect or god-forbid crush a butterfly. I did not harm a plant, move a rock, snap a twig or disturb a nest of dinosaur eggs.

Hmm, I wonder; do you think peeing in the river could have affected anything?

Rod Drake lives in mythic Las Vegas and finds inspiration for stories everywhere in the neon jungle. Check out Rod's other fiction in Six Sentences, Powder Burn Flash, Flashes of Speculation, Flash Forward, MicroHorror and AcmeShorts.

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Kelly Parra said...

Thanks for this one, Rod!

Rajlakshmi said...

nice one

Julie said...

Nice work, Rod!