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Monday, November 30

An Ode to Everything Outmoded, Including the NY Giants

"An Ode to Everything Outmoded, Including the NY Giants"
Flash Fiction
by Ozzie Nogg

Anne Droid was about to give birth.

Yanking her right iPhone from it’s socket (her left iPhone being dedicated to out-of-Beta Zone calls) Anne texted her partner, Rob Ott, with whom she enjoyed a LTR.

“OMFG. Get here ASAP. Baby coming. H2G.”

Rob texted back. “N/P. BRT.”

By the time Rob arrived home, the newbie’s head was crowning from Anne’s right ear (her left ear being dedicated to a wireless BlueTooth headset.) With a final push from Anne, the slippery bundle of joy dropped into Rob’s hands.

“Gr8 catch,” Anne texted. “THNX”.

And in that moment, Rob Ott turned wistful. Melancholy. His memory optimized, Rob traveled back, back to the good old days, those boys of summer days, when Great-Grandpa Mel knocked ball after ball over the center-field bleachers, out of the Polo Grounds, while kids and their folks relaxed in the moment, relaxed in the sunshine, spoke eye-ball-to-eye-ball of hopes and dreams and fears and love, still safe from broad spectrum apps and the limits of 140 characters or less.

In 2003, Ozzie Nogg's story, Blue Plate Special, appeared in MARGIN: Exploring Modern Magic Realism, and was later nominated for a Pushcart Prize and the E-2ink Award. Her book of personal stories, Joseph’s Bones, won First Place in the 2005 Writer’s Digest Press International Self-Published Book Awards. Ozzie's Flash Fiction has been published in Diddledog, FLASHSHOT and 50to1. Her poetry can be read on-line at Archeology Magazine.

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Kelly Parra said...

Thanks for your contribution, Ozzie!